The project


Carried out by 10 partners across Europe, PENTAGON is a new EU-funded project that responded to LCE-01 2016. Kicking off 1 December 2016, PENTAGON aims at paving the way for a new generation of eco-districts, leveraging on enhanced energy conversion systems and a high level integrated management platform simultaneously acting on different energy carriers (thermal, gas and electric).

The core of the project is formed by the development of two ground-breaking technologies:

  • An innovative power to gas technology at the district level.
  • An intelligent, versatile and service based IoT (Internet of Things) platform for holistic, multi-vector energy management.

Power to gas is one of the most promising future smart grid technologies because it has the potential to solve the problem of renewable energy curtailments (A Power Plan platform showed that in a 50 percent renewables scenario, with the current management systems, 49% curtailment in 2030 are forecasted, while with advanced energy management systems the study showed a 54% renewables’ scenario with only 1 - 1.5% curtailment.).


PENTAGON Concept and Validation Approach

To bring these technologies closer to the market, PENTAGON will follow a three-step validation strategy that relies both on focused technology deployment (Power-to-Methane, ICT district management platform) in experimental facilities for ‘live’ assessments on a small scale and on more extensive simulations to assess the impact at the low and medium-voltage grid levels, considering different levels of RES penetration.

PENTAGON will also posture toward future market uptake (adoption and large-scale deployment) of the solution delivered through an evidence-based exploitation roadmap for next generation European eco-districts, particularly aimed at local authorities and ESCOs.

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