Clustering Projects

New generation of intelligent Efficient District Cooling Systems

The main object of INDIGO is the development of a more efficient, intelligent, and cheaper generation of District Cooling system by improving system planning, control, and management involving all components and levels of a DC system. The project includes the integration of predictive controllers at component level with self-learning algorithms for accuracy improvement.


The project aims to ensure an efficient math between supply and demand of energy through real-time management of thermal energy at building level, then scaled up to district level for District Heating and Cooling (DHC) connected buildings. The target efficiency is set by the energy consumption reduction, for the residential buildings, at 30%.


The DR-BOB Demand Response energy management solution optimises the local energy production, consumption and storage in real time.
It can maximise economic profit or to minimise CO2 emissions according to user requirements.
It is smart and can automatically adapt to current energy demand/ supply, dynamic price tariffs and weather conditions.

The DR-BOB solution combines tools and technologies to provide an innovative scalable cloud-based central management system with a local real-time energy management that communicates with each building management and generation/storage solutions in blocks of buildings.


Demand Response Integration tEchnologies,  is a h2020 EU funded project that links together cutting-edge science in Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), forecasting and cyber security with emerging innovative SMEs, making first market penetration in EU DR markets. In doing so, near market solutions are strengthened with lower TRL, higher risk functionalities that support a vision of an “internet of energy” and “collaborative energy network.” From the research side, MAS will move closer to real time operations and progress from a limited number of assets toward decentralized management of a larger number of assets providing DR services to prosumers, grid stakeholders and distribution system operators.

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