PENTAGON concept development is driven by the following three considerations:

  1. Energy carriers are usually considered separately in energy management solutions, resulting in an under-optimal use of the capabilities of energy systems. This particularly applies to eco-districts, where the management of energy nodes (loads, distributed production and storage) should better leverage energy networks’ synergy potential.
  2. Eco-districts, defined as urban projects aiming to integrate sustainable development and reduce ecological footprint, are key technology and business enablers of smart grids. Such districts, which feature advanced and versatile energy production and distribution capabilities, have the potential to significantly increase the flexibility at local (low-voltage grid) level through increased collaboration between energy stakeholders.
  3. Energy conversion technologies (e.g. power to gas and power to heat) are mature enough to foresee a wide-scale deployment in the medium term. Such solutions can bring significant benefits provided they are deployed at a scale where their impact is the highest.


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